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Why Landing Pages are Important?

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A landing page is a web page that is designed for the visitor to take any action, usually signing up or purchasing a service or product.

This is one of the most common ways that companies promote their products and services online. The landing page normally consists of the company logo, an image matching the product or service, and some form of a call to action (usually a button).

The goal of any good website should be to get visitors to signup for your newsletter or download your free eBook. A well-designed landing page will help you achieve this.

In order to create a great landing page, there are several things that need to happen:

1) You must have a clear idea about what you want people to do when they land on your page. This may seem like a simple task but it can often be difficult because we all tend to think in terms of “what” rather than “why”. For example, if I wanted to sell my car, I might write something along these lines:

I am selling my Honda Civic because…

2) You need to know who your target audience is so that you can design your page accordingly. If you don’t understand why someone would visit your site then how could you possibly hope to attract them with a compelling offer?

3) You need to make sure that your content is optimized for search engines. In other words, you need to ensure that each word on every line of text has been carefully chosen to convey exactly what you mean without being too long. There’s no point in having lots of keywords crammed into your copy if nobody knows what those words actually mean!

4) Your page needs to load quickly – ideally within 3 seconds at least. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Flash or HTML5 as long as the pages load fast enough for users to read everything before leaving.

If you’ve ever tried creating a landing page yourself, chances are that you’ll agree that it isn’t always easy to come up with ideas that really work.  Here is where Pagemaker shines.

Tools to Build Landing Pages


Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders. Unbounce launched their intelligence platform with Smart Builder, Smart Traffic, and Smart Copy. Smart Builder allows you to create amazing landing pages effortlessly, all the pages are mobile optimized. With a style guide, you can save typography, colours and imagery which can be used across all other pages. Grid builder allows you to snap the elements to ensure you a flawless design and responsive design. Smart Copy is an AI writing assistant to help you write amazing high converting copies for your landing page. AI gives you output in 6 languages and also comes with a chrome extension to write the next sentence or rewrite a sentence.

Smart builder + prices start at $90/month and go up to $225/month while the Smart Copy comes with a free plan with 5 generations/day and Growth plan costs $49/month which gives unlimited generations


Many top bloggers use Leadpages to collect leads and build landing pages. Just like other landing pages builders, Leadpages is also a simple drag and drop builder with few unique features like a huge templates library. Not just landing pages you can also build pop-ups for any website using Leadpages they call it LeadBox. You can configure the pop-up just like another pop-up tool with user behaviour. You can trigger the pop-up with scroll %, exit intent or a click.


Well most of us know, Yes LaunchRock is a product of Create landing pages using their beautiful templates, they do have a simple page builder. You can their visual builder and also add custom code to make your page more customized. With LaunchRock you can only build landing pages and websites. They do not have a pop-up builder or AI writing assistant.


The team behind PageMaker are a creative agency with lots of experience and built 100’s of landing pages for their clients. One of the Co-Founders is also known as the LandingPageDude. Which obviously says they have a huge experience in building landing pages.

Create landing pages in minutes not hours.

Pagemaker is a simple and easy landing page builder which works on adding pre-built modules instead of designing them from scratch.

With more than 40 templates and 100’s of modules, you can create your landing page in no time.

Templates are beautiful you can find one for your niche or you can build it from scratch using their modules.

Each week they have been adding more templates to make your work easy ✌🏻

All the templates listed on their are optimised for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop which means we users have no more trouble setting up the page for different screen sizes.

Here is the gtmetrix score:

Gets a good Grade of A with performance 95% and structure 99%.



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