10 Email Subscription Plugins for WordPress

1. MailChimp

Take a look at the most promising features of the integration:

  • Adding a Mailchimp subscribe form to the website
  • Gathering all subscriber data and exporting it directly into a user’s account on the platform
  • Viewing campaign statistics 
  • Setting up auto-responding messages

2. MailPoet

List of the tool’s most impactful features:

  • Design newsletter contact capture forms
  • Send letters directly via WordPress account
  • Automate ‘Welcome’ email funnels
  • Get access to detailed campaign performance stats. 

3. Active Campaign


  • Create forms and embed them directly into the website
  • Set website tracking pixels in one click and use collected data for personalizing email marketing content
  • Track ongoing campaigns via  and get detailed statistics on reader engagement

4. Sumo List Builder

What Sumo List Builder allows marketers to do:

  • Design email subscription forms and integrate them into the website as an on-page block or a popup
  • Find out how visitors interact with the website and the subscription form, which fields can be a turn-off for websites
  • Set up automatic on-site file downloads to be able to offer users more value and connect with every new visitor
  • Create additional nudges that facilitate the subscription process, such as countdowns.

5. Icegram

Here are the types of designs marketing teams can find on Icegram:

  • Fully customizable timed pop-ups that immediately catch users’ attention
  • CTA bars — stylish designs that catch visitors’ eye and don’t let them miss a single announcement. There are both footer and header designs available. 
  • Slide-in messengers that encourage users to connect with support agents, get answers to questions, and book appointments. 

6. Elementor Contact Form DB

This easy-to-use plugin is directly connected to the Elementor Pro Form module. Thanks to the tool, you can collect user data and export it in any comfortable way — as a spreadsheet, a CSV form, etc. 

7. MailOptIn

Here’s a short glimpse of the features MailOptIn has to offer:

  • Automated or event-triggered email management
  • A/B testing for email forms
  • Collecting both user-sourced and behavioural data
  • Page-level targeting support

8. Thrive Leads

Here’s what Thrive Leads is like in a nutshell:

  • Ready-to-deploy templates of various style — page overlay, pop-up, subscription forms, and others
  • Detailed A/B testing to help you choose the best fit
  • Smart features that help personalize the offers website visitors see
  • Detailed targeting settings for opt-in forms, link clicks
  • Advanced reports

9. SendPress

If you want to build emails right in the WordPress dashboards or notify readers as soon as a new blog post is out, SendPress is exactly the plugin you need.

10. Newsletter

Newsletter is a WordPress plugin aimed towards website owners who want to send out newsletters in particular. Other than a range of beautiful subscription form designs, the integration doesn’t fall short of campaign management tools

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